Alhamdulillah ! I Will Be Graduating at The End of This Months !

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First of all, aku bersyukur kepadamu ya Allah sebab tunaikan hasrat aku nak GOT (graduate on time). Seriously aku tak sangka yang aku akan bergraduat tahun ni. It has been 3 years since I entered UNIMAS for my Bachelor Degree. Lama aku tak update post dekat sini. You can read my past post about my life being a Bachelor Students. Walaupun tak silap aku, masa aku update untuk post tu, aku masih lagi dalam tahun 1. Hahahaha . And now I AM OFFICIALLY GRADUATE.
Betul lah kata pepatah, bukan senang nak senang. Banyak cabaran yang aku terpaksa hadap sebelum dapat graduat. Seriously. Pernah juga terpikir aku nak give up sebab aku rasa down sangat, aku rasa susah sangat and aku rasa aku tak boleh nak carry on lagi course aku ni. Untuk pengetahuan, aku ambik course Cinematography aka Film Studies. Some people might say...

"Ala course filem ja pun. Buat filem lepas tu tayang lah. Duit dapat berkepuk."
"Ala course filem boleh lah score. No need memorized all the f…

My second time being betrayed

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon. Today's post is going to be a short and simple one. Well, yeah. This is my second time being betrayed by my "friend". The first one during my school year, when I'm 16 years old. Well, this girl last time I keep calling her "good friend" of mine. But one day she accused me told everybody about his relationship with "Y" guy but I'm not. It is so obvious duh their relationship. They changed the backpack. When the next door girl (Y's girlfriend) knew about that, then this girl (I call her T) have mouth fight with Y. Then when my boyfriend knew about that, she's mad. But truly, I did not tell anybody bitch. She texted my complete with cursed about it. Then I replied "I did not tell anybody but you guys so stupid being obvious changing you backpack and 6 years old kid also can tell you guys have a special relationship. Don't blame other people about your stupids. Why not, you just keep doing your …

Housemate pengotor?!

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon. I am actually makin hari makin busy right now but i'm not on my fucking mood to do my works/assignment that fucking make my head dizzy so i opened up my mac and tetiba rasa macam nak update blog cause blogger got a new template and i'm sooooooooo in love with it. So let's get started.

Actually i live outside the college. Just rent a room with my two friends . Okey lah my house ada 7 rooms 2 toilets and 1 3seat sofa, refrigerator, 3 big shoe racks, and washing machine. Oh ya and also wifi provided (THIS IS MUST!). As for my room (triple room) cost RM550 (RM137.50 per head) is so cheap cause we have a standing fans and AIRCONDITIONER. I love aircond soooo much. Other 6 rooms are for two people also got aircond and fans. Boleh tahan ramai lah , boleh tahan bising lah, boleh tahan pengotor jugak lah. 

Why? Cause kekadang tu, sampah dah penuh plastik but they didn't throw it away duh ! OMG sumpah geli-geleman aku. Dah tu bersemut lagi . Dah…

Finally I got the answer !

Assalamualaikum and holla everybody . Well today I'm going to announce about my decision participate the mobility programme. So the answer is I'm NOT going to participate this programme. Of course I do have the reasons.
Actually I do loves to study in South Korea . It is my lifegoal weh . But but but all korean university that provide in the mobility programme for this upcoming summer already CLOSED ! Only fews open but all of them open for SPRING 2017 ! Which mean, it will be held on my fifth semester . Of course I'm not going to do it . At that time, I need to focus on my final year project . If I decide to go there, automatically I need to extend my study for one semester to complete my final year project . Oho ! I'm not going to extend ! I hate the word EXTEND ! Actually I do have a planning after I got my degree. I want to continue my master degree right after I got my degree . And also, I want to continue my master degree in overseas . 
My mum and dad do not obstru…

Nak ke Tak Nak?

Well hello and assalamualaikum guys . It has been a long time since I post the last entry. As you know I'm having a tough days since I already entered the university. Tbh I do wrote the entry on my semester break but I haven't post it yet because I haven't finish my writing. Haha . All the entry that I should post all in my draft. LOL 😂

Well actually for this entry is about participate in exchange programme a.k.a mobility programme being organized by my university. Today, after I'm done with my Audio In Film practical test, I have been informed by my classmate, Nehemiah that we are going to have meeting with Doc.Thia. At that time I was wondering is it going to have a talk about doing the Industrial Training upcoming semester. But Cammy told me it going to be an exchange programme talk.

Frankly speaking, I've been waiting for this opportunity. Thanks to my University Of Malaya's Facilitator cause give me the spirit (actually I'm so jealous of them cause they…

UNIMAS 12th Mini Film Festival (2016)

Assalamualaikum guys ! Long time no see ehh? I'm trully sorry because i dont frequently updated my blog cause too much busy this semester . Okey entry kali nie aku nak cerita pasal my course biggest event in the world . Haha . This event we called it MINI FILM FESTIVAL which is this year is our 12th year. Every year akan ada tema dia . And this year our theme is An Innovation of Cinema . What  is this event for? Okey this event is really important for our seniors year (3rd Year Student) because they're fully arranged this event by themselves ! Yeah of course still under my lecturer's . Okey this event is about SHORT FILM COMPETITION di mana terdapat beberapa kategori such as Short Film , Documentary , Stop Motion and so on . Basically , its really based on our subject . If i'm not mistaken , 25 hadiah disampaikan on that night . Best Director , Best Actor , Best Actress , Best Crew (only for Cinematography Student Year 1,2,3,4) , Best Visual Effect and so on . Kat sin…


Assalamualaikum. Well aku rasa makin berhabuk blog aku . Sejak masuk jaa semester 2 busy aku makin menjadi-jadi . Kalah menteri yang busy memerintah negara. Goodjob Nisa . Dah tak lama dah nak habis semester baru hang nak update entry? Haih *tepuk dahi*
Okey dalam entry nie aku nak cakap tentang 3(yaka?) isu seperti tajuk diatas. Tolong ah Nisa . Pahal hang nak formal sangat? L.O.L . Orang yang emosi macam gambaq kat atas saja lagu nie. Cakap macam puting beliung. Tah apa apa mereben.
1) Busy dengan projek akhir semester?
Emm. Ala semua orang busy kan tiap kali hujung-hujung semester. Ala rilek ah. Sorry ah bro and sis, pada pendapat aku laa kan, semua budak-budak arts yang paling busy. Sebab aku budak arts so aku backup laa budak-budak arts . Hahahahah *gelak syaiton*. Bukan apa, kalau diikutkan result analysis yang aku buat, memang budak arts paling busy. Pi balik studios, pagi petang siang malam siapkan projek. Kalau untuk kos aku, which is Cinematography aka Film Studies, kami busy d…